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Video: The Fallout cults that dealt with the apocalypse really weirdly

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

It's not easy living day to day in a toxic wasteland that's short on hope and long on angry supermutants. For some survivors, banding together and fashioning a bizarre new cult out of the rubble of civilisation is just their way of coping with the chaos, so it's not for us to judge these people for being deranged and weird and wrong. Except we're going to do just that, right now.

Take The Kings: a gang of guys in New Vegas' Freeside who are really, really into Elvis Presley, except they don't know who Elvis actually was. They moved into an abandoned school for Elvis impersonators in Freeside, took one look at the place and decided anyone revered this much had to be a god.

At least the Treeminders are peaceful. Under the leadership of Treefather Birch, these folks are dealing with the apocalypse the best way they know how: gluing twigs to themselves, worshipping a talking tree and being leafy pacifists. Until you incinerate their talking god tree, obviously.

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The big news of the week is the release of Destiny expansion The Taken King. After more limited DLC packs The Dark Below and House of Wolves, The Taken King is the nearest thing to Destiny 2 we've had so far.

It's got a new location, more missions, more subclasses and, controversially, less Peter Dinklage. Show of the Week examines The Taken King and some reasons to consider keeping your old voice actor, game developers.

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Lastly this week we return to Dishonored, which recently came to Xbox One and PS4 as Dishonored: Definitive Edition - a prettified version of the 2012 game bundled with all the subsequent downloadable content. In the gameplay below we each undertake one of the game's assassination missions, a contract on the wealthy and corrupt Pendleton brothers, in our unique styles: ghostlike stealth for me, agile adaptability for Jane and frenzied everything-murder for Mike.

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