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Video: The Crew and the chequered history of the carPG

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

With the festive season upon us, the chances that you are recovering from an office Christmas party or similar holiday shindig are high. Therefore we offer up this selection box of this week's quietest, most soothing Outside Xbox videos to ease you into the weekend.

Show of the Week tackles The Crew, Ubisoft's new "carPG", which I am assured is a real genre. Discover the chequered past of this apparently genuine type of game and get the lowdown on The Crew from resident petrolhead Mike in the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: The Crew and the Chequered Past of the CarPG

I collect Xbox achievements mostly for the quantifiable bragging rights and the irrefutable proof that yes, I did waste many hours of the only life I will ever have collecting feathers for Ezio's mum. Sometimes, though, developers goes the extra mile and devise achievements with such excellent names or premises that it's worth jumping through the required hoops regardless of gamerscore. Consider these seven punny marvels.

Cover image for YouTube video7 Hilarious Achievements You Want on Your Gamercard

Finally this week, we went helicopter grappling in co-op Far Cry 4. Grappling to the miniature aircraft piloted by your partner creates a wealth of deadly new opportunities, such as being airlifted by a helicopter, swinging wildly from a helicopter, and being scalped by the rotor blades of a helicopter. It also lets you skip all the fiddly bell tower climbing by dropping each other directly onto the top floor where the objective is.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry 4 Co-op Helicopter Grappling on Xbox One

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