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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Video: Meet the nobodies whose lives were ruined by game heroes

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Imagine you are the security guard on the front desk at the Los Angeles Hall of Records in LA Noire. When two guys turn up claiming to be LAPD detectives, don't show you ID, then demand to get up to the chandelier, of course you are going to help them. What's the worst that could happen to the Hall of Records' giant, fragile light fitting?

Sadly, the subsequent marathon session of sweeping up and dismissal for gross negligence is pretty standard for those minor characters who come into contact with game protagonists. These are the nobodies who have to deal with the unintended consequences of all that reckless heroing.

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Other videogame heros do a pretty decent job of ruining their own lives. Take Tekken patriarch Heihachi Mishima, whose new game Tekken 7 launched in Japanese arcades this week. Heihachi is constantly being fired into space, turned into a bear, or being beaten senseless by 16-year-old girls, and it's his own fault every time, as evidenced by the Tekken archive of Heihachi being weird.

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Finally, Show of the Week turns its attention to Zombie Army Trilogy, a game with a name so forgettable I've already forgotten what it is, and I just typed it a second ago.

They might have called it is Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombies, because that's exactly what it is. In it, the precision shooting and gory killcams of Sniper Elite meets the hordes of fascist undead made popular by Call of Duty's most enduring co-op game mode. Watch us kick apart a krankenhaus full of skeleton doctors in new gameplay below.

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So ends your weekly update Outside Xbox. Join us at for daily videos, and thanks for watching.