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Video: Let's Play Zombie Army Trilogy - co-operative multiplayer done right

Brand new campaign and horde mode gameplay.

Rebellion's upcoming undead compilation Zombie Army Trilogy includes the two previous Zombie Army games alongside a brand new third chapter. Video producer Ian Higton's had an extended hands-on with the third instalment, and thinks it's a much better co-operative multiplayer experience than that other game that's all about co-operative multiplayer experiences - Evolve.

There are two videos full of brand new gameplay embedded below. In the first, Ian plays through part of Zombie Army 3's opening level and gives you his first impressions on how it plays. Expect plenty of explosions, dismemberments and perhaps one of the coolest model trains in video game history.

For those of you who'd rather watch some straight-up gameplay without Ian jabbering over the top of it, the second video is commentary-free and shows off the ZA's Horde mode in all its gory glory. Watch out for those Sniper Zombies, they're pretty nimble for dead guys...

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

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