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Video: Is the world ready for virtual reality?

Gav Murphy hits the streets of London to find out.

Here at Eurogamer we're as fascinated by the possibilities of virtual reality headsets as anybody - look out for Digital Foundry's impressions of the Oculus Rift DK2 very soon - but the burning question remains: is the general public ready to embrace this intense, weird-looking and potentially vomit-inducing new technology?

Gav Murphy volunteered to hit the streets of London with a, um, special test headset and find out for us. (You might know Gav as the games journalist formerly known as the Real Games Journalist over on CVG. He's recently joined our parent company Gamer Network as a video producer working on a range of stuff - expect to see him at our big EGX London event next month - and he might pop up from time to time on Eurogamer's YouTube channel, too.) To see what a motley crew of Londoners and visitors to our fine captial made of the VR experience, watch his hard-hitting report below.

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