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Watch: Five new things you can do in Far Cry Primal

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

This week, the Game Awards gave us a look at Far Cry Primal, which takes the Far Cry series all the way back to the mesolithic period.

The prehistoric setting means the tuk tuks, wing suits and rocket launchers of the previous games are gone, but there are gameplay novelties too. These include taming animals, possessing owls and burning everything else; witness them in the Far Cry Primal gameplay below.

Cover image for YouTube videoFar Cry Primal: 5 New Things in Far Cry Primal (and 1 Old Thing That Surprised Us)

Even though the hero of Far Cry Primal speaks a proto-human language and spends much of his time fistfighting massive jungle cats, he seems to be enjoying himself, which is more than can be said for the video game protagonists in this week's next video.

Some heroes are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, and some get given sweet robot arms then spend a whole game moaning about them, such as these seven job-hating protagonists who really didn't sign up for this.

Cover image for YouTube video7 Unlucky Protagonists Who Really Didn't Sign Up For This, Are You Kidding Me

Finally this week, Show of the Week gets to grips with Rainbow Six Siege, the latest tactical shooter from the house of Clancy.

Rainbow Six Siege puts you into the boots of an elite unit of the best counter-terrorism operatives from around the world, armed with the most high-tech gadgets military spending can buy and also a giant sledgehammer.

But how does Siege's sledge stack up against the mightiest hammers in game history? Show of the Week has the answer.

Cover image for YouTube videoShow of the Week: Rainbow 6 Siege and 5 Mightiest Hammers in Games

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