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Xbox Live 10 Year Anniversary console offer not coming to the UK

Microsoft rewards US veteran gamers with free custom console.

Veteran Xbox Live gamers in the United States have woken up to a special anniversary present from Microsoft this week - a custom Xbox 360 console and 12 months free Xbox Live subscription.

But the offer won't be available across the pond. Microsoft confirmed to Eurogamer today that the promotion was strictly US-only.

"The Special Edition Xbox Live Anniversary console is a US promotion, but we will be engaging our members in various ways worldwide as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Xbox Live," a Microsoft UK spokesperson said. "Stay tuned for more information."

Microsoft's gift giving seems to be limited to a lucky few US gamers. Plenty more have complained that they are also eligible, but have not received a console.

Inside the Xbox Live Anniversary console box is a letter from Microsoft thanking the gamer for their decade-long loyalty.

"You are receiving this custom-designed Xbox Live 10 Year Anniversary console and 12 months of Live free as a token of our appreciation for your commitment and loyalty to our service over the past decade.

"It is fans like you who have helped Xbox Live grow into the place to play online and get all the entertainment you want."

Microsoft US briefly acknowledged the promotion via its US mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who mentioned the giveaway via his Twitter. A subsequent message suggested more of the custom consoles would be available at a later date as competition prizes.

10 years of Xbox Live Gold (at £29.99 per year) will cost you £299 - about the price of an Xbox 360. It's better than 17 pence worth of Microsoft Points, anyway.