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Valve refuses to sell pick-up artist FMV game Super Seducer 3 on Steam

"Steam does not ship sexually explicit images of real people."

Valve won't sell Super Seducer 3 on Steam.

The company has now kicked the Super Seducer 3 Steam page, which had amassed nearly 62,000 wishlists, off its platform.

Super Seducer 3 is an FMV game where you use multiple choice methods to win dates with women.

Developer Richard La Ruina tweeted the news alongside a screenshot of Valve's explanation.

According to the message, Valve explained: "Steam does not ship sexually explicit images of real people."

It looks like La Ruina had a back and forth with Valve prior to this final decision, and had changed the game in certain respects according to the advice of a lawyer in a bid to secure its release.

In another image showing his response to Valve, La Ruina offered to pull all the uncensored "feedback" clips from the game, saying: "Please give us another chance."

But it looks like Valve won't budge. The company replied: "we are not going to sell the game or re-review it."

The first Super Seducer game, which came out in 2018, and its sequel remain on Steam.

Super Seducer 3's intended release date was 15th February, but it was held up as Valve reviewed the product.

A demo for the game was released as part of the first Steam Game Festival of 2021 last month, but it was live for just an hour before it was pulled offline. According to La Ruina, Steam advised him that if he resubmitted a censored build of the game, they would consider its release. Clearly, that hasn't worked.

This isn't the first time Super Seducer 3 has been refused release. According to a February tweet from La Ruina, both Epic and GOG "said no". In 2018, the first game saw its PlayStation release pulled.