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PlayStation blocks launch of creepy "pick-up artist" game Super Seducer

Had been planned for launch on Tuesday.

Super Seducer, a game where you use multiple choice methods to win dates with women, has had its PlayStation release pulled.

The game presents players with live-action clips starring British creator and Russell Brand knock-off Richard La Ruina. In each scenario there are right answers and wrong answers to pick and watch play out.

For example, when approaching a woman on the street, you can choose whether to "use checking out her earings as an excuse to touch her" or "start touching yourself to get her turned on".

The latter choice is then explained to players - by a clothed La Ruina sat in a hotel room with two women in lingerie - as the incorrect answer.

Super Seducer launched as planned on Steam this week but failed to pop up on PlayStation. BBC News has confirmed that PlayStation blocked the game's release.

The game "will not be made available," was PlayStation's official statement.

Super Seducer's Steam page bills the game as a "way to getting those sweet digits like a pro by using tried and true attraction 'hacks'". There are already several downloadable content packs available, such as "Earning the Kiss" and "Nighttime Strategy".

It's unusual to see PlayStation blocking a game's release - especially so late before its arrival - but it's perhaps more surprising the game was ever pencilled in for a PS4 launch at all.

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