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Valve making early start on Q4 Steam Deck reservations, as it beats production estimates again

Getting there bit by bit.

Steam Deck showing home page on SteamOS
Image credit: Valve

For those of you still waiting to get your hands on one of Valve's portable Steam Deck PCs, there is good news.

Valve has announced it has "beaten [its] own estimates yet again" thanks to "increased production".

Cover image for YouTube video
The Steam Deck's launch trailer.

As a result, it has now sent out all its emails to those in the Q3 bracket of reservations, and is now getting a headstart on those in Q4.

"We've updated the store page to reflect this, with an updated bucket description: September-December," Valve wrote in its post.

This news follows on from Valve assuring its community that those Q4 emails "[were not] a mistake" earlier in the year.

Meanwhile, if you are still not sure if the Steam Deck is for you, you can have a read of Digital Foundry's review here.

Or, for those of you that already have one to call your own, why not check out our guide on getting the best out of your Steam Deck when it is docked.