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Steam Deck production outperforms Valve estimates, as shipping ramps up

Those Q4 emails are not a mistake.

There's good news for some customers waiting to hear more about their Steam Deck reservations.

The latest from Valve states production on the handheld PC has "outperformed [the company's] estimates", a result of which has meant that some with "Q4" reservations may well get their deck sooner than expected.

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Valve's Lawrence Yang tweeted: "Hi all, a few of you may have received an order email for your 'Q4 window' Steam Deck reservation today. This wasn't a mistake!

"Production has outperformed our estimates, and we'll be moving more Q4 folks into the Q3 window."

Yang goes on to say that an "official announcement and info" will be heading our way "soon", and reminds everyone to keep an eye out for an email coming their way with regards to their reservation status.

In the meantime, if you are still not sure if the Steam Deck is for you, you can have a read of Digital Foundry's review here.

Or, if you already have one to call your own, why not check out our guide on getting the best out of your Steam Deck when it is docked.

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