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Valkyrie Profile DS dated for April

Save Plume for desert.

Square Enix plans to release Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume for DS here on 3rd April.

This latest instalment in the acclaimed RPG series from tri-Ace claims to get the best out of the handheld, squashing in an improved tactical battle system, multiple story endings and glitzy cut-scenes.

Covenant of the Plume follows the story of Wylfred, a young soldier who declares war on the Valkyries that killed his father by recruiting him for heavenly battle.

But in order to get revenge, Wylfred accepts power from naughty god Hel, who gives him a black magic feather. So there be rough times ahead.

The Valkyrie Profile series had scored well since release on PSone, before appearing on PS2 and PSP not so long ago. This should be well worth a look.

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