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Vagrant Story creator pitches a new tactical RPG on Kickstarter

UPDATE: Unsung Story funded.

UPDATE 14/02/2014: The Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Kickstarter was successful.

Overnight it pushed through its $600,000 target. Playdek thanked backers in an update.

ORIGINAL STORY 14/01/2014: Yasumi Matsuno, best known as the director of Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics, has partnered with mobile developer Playdek to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new tactical RPG entitled Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.

Fun fact: Matsuno wrote the story for Platinum Games' Wii brawler MadWorld.

Set in the fantasy world of Rasfalia, Unsung Story will cover the full breadth of a 77 year war told from various viewpoints in flashback . Each character will star in an episode consisting of several stages. Some of these episodes will cover a year of someone's life, while others will span over the course of more than a decade. Often you'll be fighting against forces you were previously tasked with protecting as another character.

Combat will be turn-based on a 3D map with a fully controllable camera, and units will be sorted by profession with different class types within each profession. For example, there's a Polearm Knight Pioneer and a War Mage Clergy. One's got pikes, halberds and scythes while the other's got short swords, daggers and slings. It shouldn't be hard to guess which is which.

The first 200K backers to pledge $20 will reserve a PC, Mac, iOS or Android copy of Unsung Story upon its estimated July 2015 release. Or you could donate $50 and get digital versions of its strategy guide, soundtrack, and poster to boot.

So far Unsung Story has raised $69,054 towards its $600K goal, which is pretty good when one considers it just launched today. The Kickstarter campaign will end on 14th February.

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