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US Dave Mirra Wii in June

Cheap and cheerful.

X Games star Dave Mirra is aiming to make his name in gaming again - seven years after the console and PC "Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX" and several months after nobody really noticed his latest game come out on PSP.

The focus of this week's push is the rumoured Dave Mirra BMX Challenge for Nintendo Wii, which publisher Crave revealed is due out this June in the US - at a budget US$ 29.99, too.

A mixture of racing and trick-orientated modes, BMX Challenge bikes its way through 12 levels (each with a pair of racing paths) using any of 13 crotch-crawlers. Control options include one that treats the Wiimote like a handlebar - by far our preferred method, as potato-googling fans well know.

We'd better hope the controls are phenomenal, mind you, as, if the PSP version's US reviews are anything to go by, it's going to have to work hard to make up for its other shortcomings.