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UFC quitters will be punished

In a patch arriving "soon".

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THQ has trumpeted the arrival of a UFC patch that will punish online match-quitters, among other things.

This is "the biggest online issue", according to producer Neven Dravinski, and any future cheaters will be awarded a Loss, a Did Not Finish flag and have winning streak set to zero. Only the disconnecting party suffers, by the way.

The patch arrives "soon" and has other numerous tweaks, including a matchmaker for gamers with stable, fast connections. Coo. It's like Christmas.

Also, max points awarded online will be increased tenfold, the level cap boosted to 200, winning streak bonus lowered to three, a CAF cheat addressed and a PS3 auto-save bug solved.

There are some other minor tweaks besides. Look out for a full list when the patch arrives.

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