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Ubisoft talks Blazing Angels PS3

It's got exclusive stuff.

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Ubisoft has dropped a whole payload of information for Blazing Angels: Secret Missions this morning, including new details of exclusive PS3 features.

PC and Xbox 360 owners will also get their slice of unique inclusions, according to a spokesperson from Ubisoft, although these are yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, those of you with Sony's prize fighter will be able to relish in full motion-sensing Sixaxis support. You'll even get your very own multiplayer map where you'll race your friends around all sorts ominous obstacles like cliffs, and probably noisy tractors or cows.

Blazing Angels: Secret Missions is the follow-up to last year's Squadrons of WWII. It's an aerial combat affair where you'll fly under the stars-and-stripes on a secret mission to disrupt Hitler's Third Reich.

This time around you'll get to pilot prototype aircraft designs, which we hope actually work, and fire experimental weapons that probably never made it into production for good reasons. There'll be a swathe of exotic locations to take in, too, like Cairo, Moscow, and the Himalayas.

That's all on top of the expected updates, like better graphics, more multiplayer dogfights: bigger and better.

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII received a mixed bag of reviews. To summarise what Kristan said while making it sound a bit like I think it, the 360 version felt a little like an afterthought, and the overall package lacked a lot of polish. However, this new version has been designed from the ground-up for next-gen (that old chestnut again), so our fingers are crossed.

Pop into our Blazing Angels: Secret Missions gamepage to find out more, or loop-the-loop your way to our Sqadrons of WWII review for some background reading.

Blazing Angels: Secret Missions is due for release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in late August.

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