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Blazing Angels Secret Missions

Third Reich and you're out.

What-ho! It's up to the skies once more, as Ubisoft announces a fresh new adventure for Xbox 360 and PC: Blazing Angels Secret Missions (cat's out of the bag now). It's due out in spring this year.

The game - sequel to last year's BA: Squadrons of WWII - "chocks" you into the elite boots of a musty pilot undertaking secret missions involving super-lethal experimental Axis weapons. "C-Reichy".

Fly wistfully around Cairo, Rome, Paris, Moscow or Rangoon in rare prototype aircraft, experiencing all sorts of weather effects.

Or shoot your friends out of the sky in multiplayer modes including free-for-all, co-op, squad-based and capture the flag. If none of that takes your fancy, you can team up with with multiple comrades for an Epic Battle, in which the aim is to bomb your opposing force's base to smithereens.

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII launched last year to, er, mixed reviews.

You can get a visual on the new screenshots for the game elsewhere on the site.

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