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Ubisoft E3 press conference dated

Everyone is permitted.

Ubisoft will hold its annual E3 briefing around the usual time - on Monday 11th June at 9pm UK time, or 1pm Pacific.

It will, again, be at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown LA - a swanky venue with, if memory serves, a lovely chandelier. Or you can watch online.

So, what do we expect? Well, Ubisoft has already said we will see The Division 2 for the first time. Massive's shared world shooter sequel was briefly confirmed earlier this year but as of now remains under wraps.

We're also due another update on the highly anticipated but highly ambitious-looking Beyond Good & Evil 2, which was announced at E3 last year but currently seems no closer to release.

Pirate ship battler Skull and Bones and toys-to-life title Starlink: Battle for Atlas were also unveiled at E3 2017 - we're expecting updates on them too.

Finally, Ubisoft also has an Avatar game in development (as in Avatar the blue space people film franchise, not the anime) which could make an appearance.

I'm not sure how Ubisoft can top this.

Heading into the realm of speculation - Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher's recent appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands has fans excited for a full return. Will we see the gruff goggled guy zipwire down from the ceiling and abduct Yves Guiellmot? Perhaps.

It also feels about time for a Watch Dogs 3 to be confirmed.

And finally, there's Assassin's Creed. Ubisoft has previously hinted it wouldn't hold itself to the series' previous annual release schedule after Origins soft-rebooted the franchise with a new era and feel. On the other hand, Origins' story seems well suited to a direct continuation... What will happen? It's all Greek to us.