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These new Pokémon are some of the weirdest yet

UPDATE: A mud horse! A piece of fruit! Some petals!

UPDATE 19/7/16 2.05pm: The Pokémon Company has just released a fresh trailer showing off new critters to be introduced in this Christmas' Pokémon Sun and Moon for 3DS, all of which are named in English for the first time:

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UPDATE 13/7/16 8.40am: Yesterday's newest Pokémon arrivals have now been shown off in gameplay footage for the first time.

The fresh trailer below shows death-hug bear Kiteruguma and spoooky Mimikkyu very briefly. See if you can spot them:

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ORIGINAL STORY 12/7/16 4.05pm: Two brand new Pokémon have been unveiled - and they are some of the strangest species yet.

Images of the pair appeared this afternoon via the Japanese magazine CoroCoro (via trusted Pokésource Serebii).

Neither have English names, as yet, but both will be among the selection of new species appearing in this year's Pokémon Sun and Moon for 3DS.

On the left is Kiteruguma, the bear who looks like it's wearing a tiara.

On the right is Mimikkyu, which looks like... lordy, what is that? A dead Pikachu Hallowe'en costume? An actual Pikachu's skin?

Happily, we've heard from Pokémon Company itself that it's simply a Pikachu disguise.

Kiteruguma is Normal/Fighting type and likes to hug trainers, apparently, but letting it do so is dangerous due to its sheer strength. Mimikkyu, meanwhile, is Ghost/Fairy and constantly hides beneath a cloth.

No doubt both species will appear in Pokémon Go in due course. I hear that's a popular app.

Speaking of which, perhaps you'd like to peruse our wonderful Pokémon Go guide?

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