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Twitch planning to add livestream archives on PS4

Considering the same for Xbox One.

Popular streaming service Twitch is planning to add a way to archive videos on PS4.

Currently players can livestream their playthroughs on Twitch through Sony's new console, but if they want to keep a record of whatever miraculous, hilarious things occur during a livestream session, they're s*** out of luck.

This won't be the case forever though. Twitch confirmed to Joystiq that it's "planning to add [Twitch] livestream archiving in the future" to PS4. Unfortunately, it didn't give an estimation for when this service would be added, or in what quality as currently Twitch livestreams through the PS4 are not in HD.

"We find archiving to be an exciting part of the broadcast experience, especially since broadcasters and their viewers love to be able to revisit and share some of their most memorable moments," said Matthew DiPietro, Twitch's VP of marketing in a comment to Joystiq. "It's up to our partners to determine if it's a feature set they want to offer as part of their Twitch integration, so we encourage them to keep this functionality top of mind."

Regarding adding the same archiving feature to Xbox One - where the Twitch app has been delayed until next year - a spokesperson told Joystiq "We're always listening to our fans' feedback, and this is certainly something we'd consider adding."