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Xbox One Twitch streaming delayed to 2014

Earn media achievements for watching streams.

Streaming gameplay from Xbox One via the Twitch app has been delayed to 2014, Microsoft has announced.

Explaining the delay, the company said it was working to "ensure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community". Microsoft's goal is to enable streaming during the first part of 2014.

In making the announcement, Microsoft revealed the ability for Twitch spectators to earn media achievements on Xbox One. If you watch through the night via Twitch you earn the Night Owl achievement, for example. If you join 100,000 viewers simultaneously watching a broadcast on Twitch, you earn the Standing Room Only achievement.

There are 10 media achievements linked to Twitch at launch (for zero gamerscore). The other eight are:

  • Watch one hour of live video on Twitch to become a Newcomer
  • Watch 10 hours of live video on Twitch for Competitive
  • Watch 100 hours of live video on Twitch for Best Viewer
  • Watch one hour of live video on Twitch channels that have less than 10 viewers to be the Hipster
  • Watch 10 hours of live video on Twitch channels that have less than 10 viewers and become the Talent Scout
  • Max Bandwidth is received by watching a single channel on Twitch for more than eight hours consecutively
  • Around The Clock: watch at least one minute of live video on Twitch in each hour of a full day
  • Prime Time: watch a total of 10 hours of live video on Twitch between peak viewing hours from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m., on a weekday

The Twitch app, which you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access, uses the Xbox One's unique features, such as Snap mode and instant switching.

Xbox One instant switching means you can jump from one activity into Twitch using your voice, by saying "Xbox, go to Twitch".

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