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Twitch details Women's History Month plans

Hundreds of streamers will be spotlighted on the front page.

Twitch has announced it will celebrate Women's History Month with a spotlight on women creators throughout March.

Hundreds of women will be featured on the Women's History Month shelf on the front page of the platform, showcasing a diverse range of talented streamers.

A social media campaign is also taking place using the hashtag #ItsNotTwitchWithout @CreatorName to further shout out women creators.

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Elsewhere, a number of events are taking place across the platform.

Speedrunning community The Frame Fatales will be celebrating women in gaming on 26th and 27th March with the Month Mini Marathon.

The Twitch Women's Alliance is celebrating its one year anniversary and, in addition to its members being included in the front page shelf, the group will be hosting multiple events.

That includes a Women in Tech: GIFBot Programming discussion with Fiercekittenz on 7th March, as she programmes her own Twitch bot.

There's also a Women in the Gaming Industry Panel on 16th March that features streamers, esports casters and other women in the industry sharing their experiences in a live Q&A.

Lastly, The Lass Project March Marathon from 24th - 28th March will highlight women and non-binary creators in the Pokémon community, from competitive battlers to speedrunners, shiny hunters and bakers.

Twitch is supporting the 1000 Dreams Fund BroadcastHER Grant as well as women's health through Breast Cancer Research.

The celebration is also global, with International Women's Day (8th March) sparking celebrations in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy with local front page features for women creators, which will continue on a monthly basis throughout 2022.

Women creators in Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand will also be featured locally from 1st - 8th March.

For all the details, visit the Twitch blog.