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Trippy FPS roguelike Heavy Bullets launches on Steam

You only have six bullets. Use them wisely.

Heavy Bullets, an FPS roguelike wherein you only have six bullets, has launched on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam through publisher Devolver Digital (of Hotline Miami and Hatoful Boyfriend fame).

We've covered Heavy Bullets before when it launched on Steam Early Access in May, but for the uninitiated, it's a procedurally-generated psychedelic shooter about someone trying to reset a security mainframe in a neon Tron-like environment.

Armed with only six bullets, players must make each shot count. Thankfully, players can snatch their bullets back from downed enemies in a Towerfall-like fashion, although they can only reload one bullet at a time.

Non-ammo items will be limited too, as you can only hold one item at a time - unless you find a backpack. Some items include homing bombs, a teleporter, and coin magnets. You can even invest in things like a life insurance policy or will to give you an advantage in your next attempt.

Heavy Bullets typically costs £6.99, but it's 15 per cent off at £5.94 through 25th September. Here's a launch trailer.

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