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Tray Racers! is the next game from the developers of Phogs!

Serving up in 2023.

The next game from Bit Loom Games, the developer of double-headed-dog game Phogs!, will be free-to-play party racer Tray Racers!.

It's a game about racing on a tray, obviously.

The online racer will support up to 16 players and is set for release on PC and Switch in 2023.

It's set in a post-apocalypse where players will race over randomly-generated sand dunes filled with hazards, creatures, and "surprises from a mix of bizarre and beautiful biomes", all while showing off tricks and combos.

Between races players can hang out with friends around the firepit at the Camp, host a musical jam session, and customise their racer.

Oh and there's a dedicated "pet-the-thing" button. What you'll be petting exactly is unclear, however.

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