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Transport Tycoon out now on iOS and Android

Original creator Chris Sawyer in the driving seat once again.

The new touchscreen version of Transport Tycoon is out now, developer 31X has announced. The game updates the 1994 management simulation classic for smartphones and other mobile devices.

The game is a collaboration between original Tycoon creator Chris Sawyer and London-based indie team Origin8. As the name suggests, it tasks you with building the most efficient transport network possible across road, rail, sea and air. You're judged on how much cargo, and how many passengers, you're able to shift in the shortest possible time.

Refreshingly, there are no in-app purchases at all. "The game doesn't suit the free-to-play revenue model," Sawyer told Gamasutra back in July, "and I'm also not a great fan of the way free-to-play titles try to make money through in-game purchases or advertising."

It's available now for iOS and Android, for £4.99.

Cover image for YouTube videoTransport Tycoon - Official Launch Trailer