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Toy Soldiers HD deploys October date

General release.

Toy Soldiers HD, a revival of the Xbox Live Arcade classic, will finally arrive on 21st October for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.

That date has been pushed back a couple of times now, but today was made "absolutely" final after a couple of last-minute bogies were identified.

Toy Soldiers HD polishes up the original game's visuals, includes all of its DLC additions and adds a couple of new levels too.

Cover image for YouTube videoToy Soldiers HD - Official Announce Trailer

"The new date is based on an issue of leaderboards displaying incorrectly, amongst some minor items we wanted to address," developer Signal Studios wrote, "so instead of staggering our release, we decided it was best to hold all versions until we could release them on the same day.

"We are fixing the leaderboard right now. We are absolutely positive we will release them all on 21st October. We apologise for moving the date again, but we want you to fully experience the definitive edition. We want you to enjoy the improved performance, new single and multiplayer modes, and all the DLC."

It's been over a decade since the original Toy Soldiers first arrived on Xbox 360 - just to make you feel old.

This HD re-release was first announced back in May 2020, along with word that an HD re-release of follow-up Toy Soldiers: Cold War would follow. And after that, an all-new sequel set in WW2 is on the cards. There's no word on the progress for either of those projects today.