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Toukiden: The Age of Demons demo is out today

A 10 hour sampler of Omega Force's boss hunter.

Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force's highly anticipated monster hunting Vita affair Toukiden: The Age of Demons will launch in Europe on 14th February, but in the meantime publisher Tecmo Koei has released a comprehensive 10 hour demo.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, this gargantuan sampler will cover the first chapter and a half of the action epic that follows a team of monster hunters protecting the world from large, cool-looking oni. The demo will grant players access to all six of the game's weapon types, equipment and upgrades, and character customisation options.

Like Monster Hunter before it, Toukiden will allow up to four-player online co-op and this demo contains seven of these team-based missions.

Given how long the demo is, it's worth noting that all progress from it will carry over into the main game. About the only thing that can't be transferred into the main game are trophies - which are disabled in the demo - and player settings. The demo also only contains one save slot, whereas the full game will have three. But everything else will migrate just fine upon Toukiden's release next month.

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