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Tim Schafer's classic LucasArts adventure Full Throttle is currently free on GOG

But only for 48 hours.

Tim Schafer's classic point-and-click biker adventure Full Throttle is currently free on GOG.

Released back in 1995, Full Throttle was Schafer's first solo project at revered point-and-click developer LucasArts, having previously co-designed Day of the Tentacle with Dave Grossman and co-written The Secret of Monkey Island and its sequel with Grossman and Ron Gilbert.

While Full Throttle retained the comedy abundant in Schafer's previous work, it was considerably less romp-y than its forebears, mixing its humour with a touch of post-apocalyptic grit - although it's technically only set in a more desolate version of our world.

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Full Throttle tells the story of grizzled biker Ben, leader of the Polecats gang, and his efforts to save Corley Motors, the country's last motorcycle manufacturer. The whole thing plays out as a kind of whistle-stop road trip, complete with classic point-and-click puzzling, some rather less successful (but thankfully brisk) arcade driving segments, and all the sharp dialogue and memorable characters you'd expect in a Schafer game. Plus, it has a typically superb voice cast, including Mark Hamill as Corley Motors vice president Adrian Ripburger.

GOG is actually giving away the remastered version of Full Throttle, which released last year and includes new high-resolution art and finessed audio and music. The offer is open to everyone with a GOG account, and last 48 hours, meaning that you've got until around 2pm UK time on December 15th to claim your freebie.

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