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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 unveiled

Golf! Weather! Lynchings! More golf!

Astonishingly, EA has decided not to ditch its hugely popular Tiger Woods golf licence, instead announcing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii, PS3, 360 PSP and PS2.

Wii-owning golf fans will be pleased to hear that EA has promised full MotionPlus support, allowing for improved, swing-controlled draw, slice, chip and complete mishit.

The latest entry in the long-running series also plans to "take golf fans inside the ropes to experience the drama and emotion of tournament golf", which sounds really quite stressful.

Producer Mike Taramykin reckons the game "recreates the atmosphere of the PGA TOUR like never before", so much so that it has to appear in capitals.

There's a whole raft of new features available, although the rules of actual golf remain the same. A key feature is the "expanded" crowds which will surround each hole, adding tension and excitement.

New courses and competitions are on offer as well, with the US Open the big draw among the new options, but USGA rules and structure are also available.

There will also be real-time weather conditions, meaning that the game will reflect what's actually happening on the course you're playing at that very moment.

Elsewhere, a new commentary team will feature televisual golfing luminaries Scott Van Pelt and Kelly Tilghman. We've googled both, and they're not being chosen for glamour, so don't bother. In fact, Tilghman was briefly suspended for making a poorly-judged comment about lynching Tiger Woods in January last year, so presumably that's all water under the bridge just behind the dogleg on the fourth hole now.

No date has been given yet, but we wouldn't be too surprised if the tradition of early autumn releases continues.

Check out our Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 screenshot gallery to see how it's shaping up.