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Tiger Woods 08 demo Live

Video your best shots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EA has smashed a demo of Tiger Woods 08 onto the Live Marketplace green, landing awkwardly at around 733MB.

The headline grabber this time round is the opportunity to play with GamerNet, the online hub you can upload your best shot videos to, or take on challenges posted by other virtual golfers from.

But you'll also be able to see the new graphics in action, and enjoy various gameplay improvements over last year's effort, which was actually very good.

We're keen to get our gloved mitts on the full game when it comes out on 360, PC, Wii DS and PS2 at the end of the week.

However, those of you with a PSP will have to wait until 14th September, with a PS3 offering expected a week later.

Head over to our Tiger Woods 08 gamepage to see how it's all shaping up.

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