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Tiger on top of UK charts

MySims debuts in second.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 has improved its stroke to become the best selling game in the UK this week, reports.

Its release on PS3 helped it swing from third to first, knocking publisher pal Medal of Honor: Airborne off the top.

MySims, another EA title, entered the charts at number two this week, with the sales split at 58 percent on Wii and 42 percent on DS.

Super Paper Mario did a little climbing up to third this week, pursued in fourth by gun-slinging title Stranglehold.

Elsewhere Codemasters' Colin McRae: DiRT raced into the top ten at eighth, while World in Conflict spent its first week in 15th.

SingStar Rock Ballads announced its arrival further down in 25th, and Sonic Rush Adventure managed to break into the top 40 on its second week, climbing to 26th.

The only other new entry is WarHawk at 38, thanks to last week's Blu-ray release.

Next week seems like a bit of a dead cert for Halo 3, but then FIFA 08 is also out this Friday, so it could get interesting. Well, I say "interesting"... is over there. Go.

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