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Sony reveals three new PlayStation VR titles

Introducing Statik, How We Soar, and Harmonix Music VR: The Dance.

Three new PlayStation VR games have been announced.

The first, Statik, is a puzzle mystery game by LittleBigPlanet Vita developer Tarsier Studios. It follows the exploits of Dr. Ingen and his assistant Edith as they examine a series of peculiar devices to "unravel the complexities of the human mind."

"VR is full of potential for new approaches to gameplay and storytelling and, for our first go at it, we didn't want to take the easy way out. We wanted to develop a game that felt both fun and substantial. Something that is more than just a novelty," said Tarsier's Dave Mervik on the Playstation Blog. "It took a lot of very strange late-night discussions to come up with the concept for Statik, but we feel that we've found something that achieves our goals... and adds a few extra things that we'll pretend we meant all along!"

Here's how it looks in action:

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Next up is Harmonix Music VR: The Dance, the latest stint by the Rock Band developer. This music visualiser lets you play both DJ and dance choreographer as you set up various cartoon characters and arrange the ways they get jiggy to your tunes.

The game will include 17 base songs, but you're free to upload your own music as well via connecting a USB to your PS4.

Harmonix Music VR will launch alongside PlayStation VR this October.

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Finally there's How We Soar, a game about riding a phoenix around a fantasy landscape. Developed by former Free Radical Design and Crytek staffers at new outfit Penny Black Studios, How We Soar lets players use the DualShock 4 as reins to control the colossal bird that they're sitting upon.

"Have you ever wondered how Harry Potter felt when he first rode a hippogriff in the Prisoner of Azkaban? Or what it was like for Bastian to fly on Falkor the Luckdragon in The Never Ending Story? Well this is exactly the experience we want to give you when you first enter the world that we've created," said Penny Black managing director Tom Turner on the Playstation Blog.

The game will switch between the realms of fantasy and reality as the player uncovers memories of "The Author" by flying close to pages of their work, allowing their world to come to life as the scenery unfolds and colour returns the the environment.

How We Soar will launch later this year. Here's a trailer:

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