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Harmonix Music VR coming to Project Morpheus

Born trippy.

Harmonix Music VR is coming to Project Morpheus, the developer has announced.

Harmonix Music VR, which is also due out for other virtual reality headsets, is an attempt to define the category of "VR music visualisation", designer Jon Carter said in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

It takes any song you give it and generates a unique, musically-driven event sequence.

"The resulting experiences range from subtly magical to outright psychedelic, depending on the world you select," Carter added.

"Sometimes fireflies show up to compliment a relaxing melody, and sometimes stars descend to engulf you in synesthetic spirals of color. It's definitely weird. And as the title's creative lead, I couldn't be happier about that."

Harmonix Music VR uses song analysis software to create its visualisations. "We still use real-time data, but we can also look at the entire song, break it into sections, identify specific drum hits, and even categorise the feel of song sections to drive the visual and environmental transformations," Carter explained.

Harmonix, which is also busy working on Rock Band 4 for release later this year, is building different worlds for the visualisations to be set within, each with a unique vibe and level of intensity. You can interact with objects to trigger "experiential shifts".

It's all a bit trippy. Check out footage in the video below.

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