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Thousands of people are watching Twitch streamers wait to play a game that keeps getting delayed

UPDATE: Streamers are now playing, but everyone else has to wait.

UPDATE: Studio Wildcard has let streamers play Atlas, but everyone else has to wait.

The streamer branch, as it's called, of Atlas is now live. Atlas is, at the time of publication, the most popular game on Twitch, with just shy of 230,000 viewers.

Studio Wildcard said it's working on the early access release of the game now, which hopefully means Atlas will be live soon.

ORIGINAL STORY: Thousands of people are watching Twitch streamers who are waiting to play a game that keeps getting delayed.

Atlas is currently the sixth most popular video game on Twitch with 31,576 viewers at the time of publication, ahead of the likes of PUBG, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Overwatch.

Atlas is the hotly-anticipated new game from Studio Wildcard, the developer behind Steam hit Ark. It's a pirate-themed survival MMO designed to host 40,000 simultaneous players in the same world.

Atlas was supposed to launch on 13th December, but it was delayed to 19th December. A launch countdown timer hit zero and Atlas still failed to launch. Then, Studio Wildcard issued a tweet saying the game would launch on Friday, 21st December and it seemed confident of that.

But it was delayed again at the last minute, and streamers are simply sitting there waiting for it to launch while thousands watch.

Popular streamer Forsen has over 23,000 viewers watching him waiting to play Atlas. Another streamer, called Serious Gaming, even set up an Atlas camp in their room in anticipation of a lengthy play session. At the time of publication, they looked a little worse for wear.

Studio Wildcard's latest message suggested fans check back this morning, which is exactly what people are doing.

"We will not surrender," Serious Gaming said on stream at 10.22am UK time to 1616 viewers. "We will not go quietly into the night."

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