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This Steam Machine "doesn't make any compromises for performance"

Digital Storm's £900 box teased.

High-end PC maker Digital Storm has created a black rectangle [a cuboid, actually -Ed] with a red motif that costs $1469 (£897) and calls itself a Steam Machine.

Perhaps it's nocturnal.

It will "defy the cookie-cutter mould of small form-factor systems" with "advanced thermal design", apparently. And it "doesn't make any compromises for performance".

But that's all we're allowed to know until the Consumer Electronics Show unveil in January.

Pocket-lint reported that Digital Storm's Steam Machine will have GeForce Titan graphics, a 700W power supply and liquid cooling.

It's a few inches bigger, in all directions, than an Xbox One, but it stands upright a bit like a dog doing a trick. The box will dual-boot Windows and Steam OS.

Digital Storm's grunting hog is a counter-point to the Steam Machine iBuyPower revealed a fortnight ago. iBuyPower's contender will be much cheaper at $499 (£308) and it looks like a cross between a Wii, a PS4 and a slice of key lime pie.