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This is why it's probably best not to teabag in Call of Duty: Warzone

"I'm so sorry, I've learned my lesson."

It's probably best not to teabag in Call of Duty: Warzone - as this wonderful couple of clips prove.

Twitch streamer Webzy thought he had the game in the bag. He had downed the last enemy and moved in for a cheeky teabag.

But, mid-teabag, his opponent sprung back into life to fire back. Webzy couldn't react quickly enough and died, handing the Warzone win to his opponent.

The clip below shows the hilarious moment as it happened on-stream (warning: it gets a bit loud, and there are a few swears). Webzy, who falls off his chair in embarrassment, is called out by his teammates. Still, Webzy took to the Warzone subreddit to post the clip, saying: "I will never tbag a knocked player again.."

I will never tbag a knocked player again.. from r/CODWarzone

What I love about this Warzone moment is that we also have the chance to see what happened from the perspective of Webzy's opponent. Over on the Warzone subreddit, user hodl_this posted a clip from the other point of view - their point of view - in a thread titled "Premature teabagulation".

Premature teabagulation from r/CODWarzone

We see hodl_this using their self-revive kit - as Webzy is teabagging them - to leap back into action, hip-fire frantically then secure the win.

There's some lovely - almost wholesome - reddit chat between the pair that began after they realised both their clips were on the sub. "The guy tbagging was me," Webzy admits. "I'm so sorry, I've learned my lesson."

"Thanks for the rush of serotonin man," hodl_this replied, "hahah we went nuts."

Any Warzone player might be thinking, why did Webzy teabag knowing self-revive was an option?

"I knew he was self reviving," Webzy said. "I was just being a toxic asshole."

Then: "Thought I would get 2 melees off in time. Clearly I was wrong LOL."

LOL indeed.

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