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This is what the upcoming Tony Hawk game looks like

It's a F2P iOS offering called Shred Session.

A couple of months back skating legend Tony Hawk revealed that a new skateboarding game branding his name was in the works. As it turns out, he was referring not to a console title, but a free-to-play iOS offering called Tony Hawk's Shred Session.

As detailed by Touch Arcade, Shred Session is a lane-switching auto-skating game in the vein of Temple Run, with aerial tricks you perform by swiping in different directions.

Cover image for YouTube videoHands-On Preview: Tony Hawk's Shred Session - Played by Tony Hawk

One mode is about collecting spheres, another is focused around doing tricks, one is a competitive multiplayer challenge mode, and another has you collect items to extend the timer.

Like most free-to-play games, you'll be able to unlock content in Shred Session by achieving high ranks in various challenges to accumulate stars. These will help unlock cosmetic upgrades, while progress can be sped up by using real world currency.

Tony Hawk's Shred Session is due worldwide this summer, with a "soft launch" planned in the next few weeks.