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Take a look at the Leap controller's most ambitious game

Let's play Blue Estate! Or perhaps let's not...

Can you remember as far back as the hazy summer days of August? Things were simpler than - they were certainly brighter - and for a couple of days everyone got excited about the Leap Motion Controller, a Kinect-like device that promised low latency input. Well, when I say excited I mean mildly interested, until it became clear that it wasn't quite the future of motion control.

There have been a sprinkling of games since its release - with Double Fine's DropChord still the pick of the bunch - and more recently the relatively big budget Blue Estate launched. An on-rails shooter that's a bit like House of the Dead with a little less imagination and a bit more casual racism, it's hardly a sparkling advertisement for the conttroller. It's most certainly a game, though, I'll give it that. You can have a peek yourself in Ian Higton's Let's Play video below.

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