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These terrific new Xbox One bundles with three games start at just £199

Gears 5! FIFA 20! The Division 2!

I know, what am I doing talking about Xbox One consoles? It's supposed to be Nintendo Switch Lite launch day! Well, we've got that covered already with this Switch Lite and Link's Awakening bundle for £199.99. It seems Microsoft doesn't want to be forgotten about, though, as it's announced a range of terrific Xbox One bundles today, too.

Whether you're after an Xbox One S or more powerful Xbox One X, there's something for you here. Each bundle offers some incredible value for money, as the majority include Gears 5, FIFA 20 and The Division 2. Quite a way to get your games library started.

Of the lot, the most exciting is this Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle with The Division 2 and FIFA 20 for £399.99 from Amazon UK. That's not all, though. This special edition console comes with the Kait Diaz Limited Edition controller, plus download codes for all previous Gears of War games. That's one comprehensive bundle.

Watch out I'm in fifth gear.

If you don't think you'll need all that power, you can also go for the Xbox One S 1TB Console with Gears 5 Bundle, The Division 2 and FIFA 20 for £199.99 from Amazon UK. This one is already proving to be massively popular, though, so stock appears to be limited. Fortunately, the very same bundle is also available at GAME for £199.

If neither of those bundles grabs you, there's a handful of others to pick between. I've listed a few of the best below:

Just a heads up: as all these bundles feature FIFA 20 they won't ship until next Friday when the latest entry in the kickabout series is released. Wes has been playing it for us and found it to be the beautiful game at its most glorious, and its most grotesque.

Remember, you can always find the latest gaming offers over at Jelly Deals. Join us now to find prices for the best Xbox One external hard drive, the best price for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and everything you need to know about Ring Fit Adventure.

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