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There's still no Netflix for Nintendo Switch, but now there is Funimation

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Nintendo Switch still lacks Netflix - and most common media apps, really - but it does now have Funimation in the UK.

The anime-streaming service launched for Nintendo Switch in the UK this week, with a refreshed app design that will also roll out to other platforms in the future.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment bought a 95 per cent stake in Funimation back in 2017, and as of last year now owns it outright.

Back in January, Netflix confirmed it would discontinue its apps for both 3DS and Wii U on 30th June. There's no word on when the service will appear on Switch - if it ever does.

Apps on Switch are few in number, though Hulu has been available on Switch in the US since 2017, while Japan enjoys TV streaming app NicoNico.

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