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There's a new South Park game in development

And this one is a "3D game".

There's reportedly a new South Park game in development.

According to Bloomberg, a recent deal struck between South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and ViacomCBS - allegedly valued at around $900 million (£648m) over six years - seals several new series and "spinoff movies" for streaming service, Paramount+.

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The story also references a new "3D video game that is set in the world of South Park", which will seemingly be developed not in collaboration with Ubisoft or its partners this time, but is instead underway at an "in-house studio".

Right now there's no other information available, so whether or not the game will continue The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole's RPG style or try something new remains to be seen.

It won't be the first time South Park Digital Studios has collaborated on video games, though. The studio is credited on both The Fractured But Whole and The Stick of Truth, and most recently worked alongside RedLynx and Ubisoft on the 2017 mobile game, Phone Destroyer.

"South Park: The Fractured But Whole is an RPG with tangible qualities and enjoyable passages, but without the bite or imagination you'd expect of the name," we said in the Eurogamer review of South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

"For anyone who grew up with the TV show, there's still some thrill to be had in simply walking around that familiar town, rubbing shoulders with its famous denizens and savouring the feeling of having an episode play out around you. But these were qualities of the last game too, and they have that bit less impact the second time around. Ubisoft San Francisco's rebuilt combat system goes some way to push back the sense of deja vu, but it entirely can't shake off the suspicion that this is a sequel which exists because its predecessor was so popular, not because its creators were brimming with more ideas."