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There's a more expensive Business Edition Vive now

Got a spare £892?

Tada! There's a new HTC Vive Business Edition and it's more expensive but no different.

Well, the hardware isn't any different, but the £891.67 (excludes VAT and shipping) package comes with things the £689 consumer version doesn't. There's a dedicated Business Edition customer support line for starters.

On top of that there's 12-month warranty, a commercial licence and the ability to buy more than one headset should you want it. As it stands, consumer headsets are limited to one per person.

The Vive Business Edition press release says the package will be available this month. You can request more information on the Business Edition Vive from the official website.

This Business Edition option enables Vive to spread across business and into the wider world beyond gaming, although I'm sure it'll also be useful for game companies buying in bulk.

It also sounds like HTC is confident in its ability to manufacture and satisfy big orders, which is encouraging. Yesterday, remember, we reported that there are no longer any shipping delays when ordering consumer Vive headsets.

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