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The Xbox Series S memes are here

Bosch battle.

We're now several console reveals into the year, and although the Xbox Series S leaked a little ahead of schedule, the internet has once again produced some colourful and strange reactions to the new piece of tech. You know how this goes.

When looking for inspiration for their memes, it seems most people immediately jumped to the nearest available object in their house. Comparisons ranged from washing machines to, well, a cooking range - while some Sony speakers also made it into the mix.

Some people felt a little more nostalgic about the console's design, however, comparing it to the boombox held up by John Cusack in Say Anything. Or just any boombox, really. Hopefully the Series S won't also make that much noise.

Somewhat less glamorously, several internet users made comparisons between the Series S and a drive-through speaker. I'll take 120FPS at 1440p, 4K upscaling for games and a custom NVME 512GB SSD to go, thanks.

Beyond making direct furniture comparisons, however, the internet also started placing requests for specific Series S editions. A couple of weeks back you may recall the infamous Halo Infinite campaign reveal from which Craig the brute was born, and naturally, fans started demanding a Series S design emblazoned with this meme. Popular battle royale Fall Guys also inspired several designs, while some went the whole hog and redesigned the console with a Minion theme.

The reaction wasn't just limited to individuals, however, and a couple of brands waded in to have their say. As we all know, RGB lighting helps boost your PC's performance, so Corsair created a mock-up of what this would look like when applied to the Series S. Walmart Canada just seemed pretty relieved not to have leaked this one.

Perhaps fortunately for all involved, I couldn't find any anime girl versions of the console - this time - but I'm sure some will be created in the coming days. Spare yourselves and don't go looking.

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