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The Witcher Enhanced Edition dated

Revamped RPG due in September.

Polish developer CD Projekt has finally set a new date for its Enhanced Edition of The Witcher.

This disappeared from sight after missing its initial May forecast. The studio has finally come clean and admitted it needs more time to get it polished up.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition promises to be a "completely polished product". Loading times will be drastically reduced, stability bolstered on all sorts of PC configurations, and hordes of bugs swatted.

On top of this CD Projekt will be re-doing the English version to expand the amount of text as it suffered beside other European offerings. Also, the German game will have many of its voices re-recorded.

And there's more: 50 extra supporting-cast models; around 100 added animations spread across hero Geralt and computer-characters; reworked facial animation and lip-syncing; and a re-designed user interface and inventory system.

To entice you further, CD Project is making-up an exclusive bundle containing a game editor and two mini-adventures, a making-of DVD, a CD of game music, a CD of music inspired by the game, and a making-of DVD.

When this version was originally announced there was talk of the bundle also containing an official guide and a 50-page story by Andrzej Sapkowksi who wrote the novels the game is based on. No sign of those so far.

Incidentally, those of you who are registered owners of The Witcher already will be able to download all of the updates and extra content for free.

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