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The white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has been sighted again

With a potential September release date.

The long-rumoured white Xbox Elite Series 2 controller - pictured above - has been spotted again online.

Earlier this month, footage of the controller surfaced on YouTube, and pictures of its packaging were posted to Twitter back in March.

Microsoft has not made an official statement regarding the white controller's release, or even acknowledging that it is real, but more solid evidence of its existence has appeared.

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A listing for the controller was briefly online at Amazon Mexico, but has now been taken down (spotted by Windows Central).

Windows Central noted that the controller listed seemed to be the same as seen in the YouTube video mentioned previously, as well as the packaging. The listing didn't have a price attached to it, but the release date was set for 21st September. This could have been a placeholder date, but the listing has left fans expecting Microsoft to release some news soon.