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The Shield game for Europe

TV show title to hit PS2 and PC.

Empire Interactive has signed up Point of View's adaptation of amusingly dark and silly US TV police import The Shield for release in Europe.

Already out in the US, our CI suggests it's going to be fired across on PS2 and PC in the first half of 2007, The Shield videogame is set up as a sort of "lost episode", created in collaboration with some of the writers and actors on the series itself.

It's a third-person action game built around the antics of the show's Strike Team, led by intense bald man Vic Mackey, who try and police the streets of the fictional Farmington district of Los Angeles without getting too bogged down in procedure. To put it mildly.

It'll be interesting to see how Point of View's adapted the content, certainly, unless Metacritic is to be trusted, in which case it could be truly horrible to see.

Either way, we'll be taking a look nearer release, and you can already do that thanks to our hastily assembled line-up of screenshots.