The Shield

The Shield - The Game

The Shield - The Game

Don't get behind it.

[Evidence 5C.1 - File #87530: Transcript of suspect's interrogation]

Good afternoon, this is Officer Review at twenty minutes past noon, recording this conversation in Interview Room 2A. Present with me is our chief suspect, The Shield - The Game, currently under arrest for various crimes against gaming. Questioning shall now commence.

Right, you snivelling little excuse for entertainment, you know as well as I do why you're here and neither of us will be leaving this room until you've coughed up a confession. You need to admit to your sins, friend: attempting to impersonate a decent action adventure - that's just one of the heinous charges you've got against you. I know what you tried do to and it makes me sick. Games like you disgust me. You know what happened to The Sopranos? You think you're above that, don't you. Well, you're not. It's up to us make sure games like you stay off the shelves and away from the disc drives of our innocent gamers.

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The Shield game for Europe

TV show title to hit PS2 and PC.

Empire Interactive has signed up Point of View's adaptation of amusingly dark and silly US TV police import The Shield for release in Europe.