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The Rock is sending people Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridges

Or you can try and get your own via Microsoft Rewards.

Everyone knows Xbox Series X looks like a fridge. It's a fact Microsoft has previously acknowledged, and made into reality with a series of enormous promotional chillers shaped like Xbox Series X it shipped to people like Snoop Dogg.

Now, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to create smaller fridges shaped like Xbox Series X but sized a lot closer to the console itself.

Why The Rock? Well, the wrestler-turned-movie star just so happens to have created a new energy drink, Zoa, to store in said fridge, and he's keen to get the gamers onboard.

Celebrities and influencers received some of these fridges over the course of this week. For us mere mortals, you can try to get your own via sweepstakes on the Microsoft Rewards website between 25th March and 2nd June. You will also get some Zoa drinks, too.

Zoa comes in a variety of flavours - Original, Lemon Lime, Wild Orange, Pineapple Coconut and Super Berry - each of which also have a "Zero Sugar" counterpart. Cases of 12 sell for $30 via the brand's website, which also features Xbox controllers tattooed with the Zoa branding. (The Zoa branding is The Rock's own chest tattoo.)

The Zoa drink's FAQ page claims it is healthier than other energy drinks because it contains "a unique blend of 100 per cent DV Vitamin C from natural sources including Camu Camu and Acerola plus B-vitamins and electrolytes". As an energy drink, it is "made for an Everyday Warrior whose busy schedule requires energy boosts throughout the day" such as a "6am Morning Hustle" or "4pm Afternoon Meeting". It is "not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women and persons sensitive to caffeine".

Completely coincidentally, The Rock has just been heavily fingered by Fortnite fans as the secret voice actor behind major new character The Foundation, who debuted in the game's Zero Crisis Finale event this week. Video games!

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