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The next Sonic is mobile game Sonic Dash 2

Sonic Boom.

Sega has announced Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

Hardlight, maker of the first Sonic Dash (which we awarded 6/10 to back in 2013), is once again on development duties for the mobile endless runner.

Sega soft-launched Sonic Dash 2 a few months ago in select countries, and has since improved the interface and the tutorial, it said. Sega promised "more content, more action, and more challenges, all of them fitting right into your pocket" for the sequel.

Here's what our reviewer Rich Stanton said about Sonic Dash 1, which was downloaded over 100m times:

"There is a good game here, and enough nostalgia to mask - for a while at least - the obnoxious shilling. Sega seems to find it hard enough to make a decent Sonic game these days, and then it goes and publishes something like Sonic Dash - which with a little more polish could be great, but is instead rushed and spoiled by greed. I'm sure it will make an awful lot of money. And it also makes you think about how some characters change with the times, while others become also-rans."

Sonic Dash 2 will soon be available worldwide to download for free.

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