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The Last of Us' new multiplayer DLC executions are PS4-exclusive

Due to "memory constraints" on the PS3.

The Last of Us is getting some slick new multiplayer DLC this week with a bevy of new weapons, skills, items, outfits, gestures, and special executions. While most of these add-ons can be purchased for either the PS3 or PS4 versions of the game, some of the new executions are PS4-exclusive due to "memory constraints" with Sony's older hardware.

The Last of Us: Remastered's new moves are too messy for the PS3 to handle.

"We had to exclude some sets from the PS3 version of the game due to memory constraints on the hardware," said Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli on the official The Last of Us site. "Yes, it seems with our latest add-ons we're squeezing every last ounce of memory the PS3 has to run our Factions mode."

The PS4-exclusive special executions are for the rifle, automatic rifle, and ground shiv, Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer.

These animations seem to be a purely aesthetic addition and the studio has made nine different special executions with one for every weapons class. Each costs €0.99.

The more practical DLC includes four new weapons: the Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol, Frontier Rifle, and Crossbow. Each costs €0.99 or €2.99 for the whole pack.

There's also the Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle for €3.99 that adds five new perks like Second Chance - which grants you a free health kit when you're low on energy and take more than half damage - or Lone Wolf, where your survival skills increase when you're away from your teammates.

Finally, there's eight new hats and eight new gestures, which are priced at €0.99 each but offer slight discounts if you buy them in bulk.

For the full list of micro-transactions coming tomorrow, Naughty Dog's got you covered.

Now here's a glimpse at some of the totally gruesome, NSFW special executions.

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